Y-Tex: Livestock Products

The general health and well being of your livestock is vital to you and your business. We pride ourselves on offering solutions driven by your needs.  All of our industry-leading products are the result of extensive research, development and field testing - meaning you can rely on us when it counts.

Y-Tex Insecticide Cattle Ear Tags

The Y-Tex® range of Insecticide Cattle Ear Tags offer the only 3 way insecticide chemistry rotation program available today. 

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Cattle: Fly, Lice & Paralysis Tick control

Y-Tex® Fly Tags & Pour On's offer a range of effective treatments and strategies to protect your cattle from the harmful effects of Buffalo Fly and other external parasites.

Horse: Fly, Midge & QLD Itch control

Y-Tex® Brute Wipe-On is a rain resistant, high residual formulation that targets Buffalo, House and Stable Fly as well as Queensland Itch.


We're here to help you get the best out of the Y-Tex® range of Cattle and Horse products. 

What is a Buffalo Fly?

The Buffalo Fly is a small biting fly approximately 3-4 mm long and can cause severe irritation in cattle affecting weight gain, milk production and hide value.

The Y-Tex Insecticidal Ear Tag Rotation Strategy

An insecticidal fly tag rotation strategy is important in helping to prevent Buffalo Fly becoming resistant to commonly used insecticides.

The economic benefits of Buffalo Fly control

Implementing a long-term Buffalo Fly control strategy has many positive economic benefits.