Cattle: Fly & Lice control

Y-Tex cattle insecticides offer a range of effective treatments and strategies to protect your cattle from the harmful effects of Buffalo Fly and other external parasites.

Fly Tags

Buffalo Fly, Nuisance Fly, Biting and Sucking Lice, and Paralysis Tick can have a damaging impact on your cattle’s health and value. Y-Tex Fly Tags offer sustained long-lasting protection both stand alone and as part of the Y-Tex Insecticidal Ear Tag Rotation Strategy.


Buffalo Fly and Cattle Lice can have a serious impact on your herd health, from weight-loss to reduced milk production and devalued hides. Y-Tex Brute Pour-On provides a rain-fast ready-to use treatment.

Looking for Lice or Tick control?

Biting Lice

Biting Lice can cause serious irritation by feeding on skin debris, scabs and blood.

The following products treat both Biting Lice and Buffalo Fly. 

Sucking Lice

Large infestations of Sucking Lice can cause anaemia, piercing the cattle’s skin and sucking their blood.

The following product treats both Sucking Lice and Buffalo Fly.

Paralysis Tick

Paralysis Tick inject a toxin causing paralysis that can be fatal in livestock. They are also known as scrub ticks, shell-back ticks or dog ticks.

The following product treat both Paralysis Tick and Buffalo Fly.

Want to know more about how to use Y-Tex products?

The Y-Tex Insecticidal Ear Tag Rotation Strategy

An insecticidal ear tag rotation strategy is important to prevent flies becoming resistant to commonly used insecticides.

What is insecticidal resistance?

Resistance to a particular chemical group is caused by the target pest being exposed to a sub lethal dose of insecticide. Find out how to reduce this risk.

The economic benefits of Buffalo Fly control

Implementing a long-term Buffalo Fly control strategy has many positive economic benefits.