Y-Tex Ultra Tagger

The Y-Tex Ultra Tagger offers a fast, simple action for ear tag application.

The Y-Tex® Ultra Tagger is the most advanced hand applicator available for 2-piece livestock ear tags. It is uniquely designed with an innovative mechanical advantage, which means it needs less squeeze-press. This, combined with its light weight, substantially reduces operator fatigue. 


Features of the Ultra Tagger

  • Wide open throat never pinches the animal's ear
  • Straight-line application
  • Sloped should resists snagging
  • Nickel-plated, hardened steel applicator pin won't bend, break or rust
  • Constructed with reinforced, high-tech engineered thermoplastic and close precision metal parts for outstanding durability and corrosion resistance

Refer to our handy hints for applying ear tags using the Ultra Tagger

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