Fly Tags

Buffalo Fly, Nuisance Flies, Biting and Sucking Lice and Paralysis Ticks can have a damaging impact on your cattle’s health and value. Y-Tex® Fly Tags offer sustained long-lasting protection both stand alone and as part of the Y-Tex® tag rotation strategy. 

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AGRESSOR Insecticidal Ear Tags

AGRESSOR insecticidal ear tags for cattle are fast-acting slow-release tags with a unique formula that targets Buffalo Fly that are resistant to other commonly used insecticides for up to 16 weeks.

PYthon Insecticidal Fly Tag

PYthon insecticidal ear tags for cattle provide control of Buffalo Fly for up to 16 weeks, aid in the control of Biting Lice and aids in the control of Paralysis Tick for up to 42 days.

PYthon MAXIMA Insecticidal Ear Tag

PYthon MAXIMA insecticidal ear tags for cattle combine a larger tag and a sustained-release formula to target Buffalo Fly for up to 12 weeks and aids in control of Nuisance Fly and Biting Lice. 

OPtimizer Insecticidal Ear Tag

OPtimizer insecticidal ear tags for cattle contain a highly-active long-lasting formula that controls Buffalo Fly, including pyrethroid-resistant strains, for up to 16 weeks.

WARRIOR Insecticidal Ear Tag

WARRIOR insecticidal ear tags for cattle release a unique, highly potent formula that is especially effective against pyrethroid-resistant pests for up to 12 weeks. 

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The Y-Tex Insecticidal Ear Tag Strategy

An insecticidal ear tag rotation strategy is important to prevent flies becoming resistant to commonly used insecticides.

What is insecticidal resistance?

Resistance to a particular chemical group is caused by the target pest being exposed to a sub lethal dose of insecticide. Find out how to avoid this.

The economic benefits of Buffalo Fly control

Implementing a long-term Buffalo Fly control strategy has many positive economic benefits.