BRUTE Pour-On for Cattle

Brute® Pour-On is an economical, ready to use formulation for the control of Buffalo Fly & Lice on beef cattle.

Product type


Active ingredient

87g/L Permethrin

Pack sizes

1L, 5L

Pest type

Buffalo Fly (Haematobia irritans exigua)

Cattle Lice : Biting and Sucking species ((Bovicola bovis, Linognathus vituli, Haematopinus eurysternus)

Withholding periods

Meat DO NOT USE less than 7 days before slaughter for human consumption.
Milk DO NOT USE on lactating or pregnant cows where milk or milk products may be used for human consumption.
Export Slaughter Interval DO NOT SLAUGHTER for export for 14 days after application.


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Advantages of BRUTE® Pour-on for cattle

  • Brute® Pour On is easy to apply, requires no dilution, is rain resistant and highly concentrated ensuring long lasting protection.
  • Brute® Pour On is low-irritant and can be used with other treatments and medications
  • 1 litre treats 66 head at the maximum dose rate.
  • Brute® Pour On can be used in conjunction with Y-TEX® Insecticidal Ear Tags in a strategic insecticide management program for Buffalo Fly control.

The Y-Tex Insecticidal Ear Tag Rotation Strategy

An insecticidal ear tag rotation strategy is important to help prevent Buffalo Fly becoming resistant to commonly used insecticides.

What is a Buffalo Fly?

The blood-sucking Buffalo Fly can cause severe irritation in cattle affecting weight gain, milk production and hide value.

The economic benefits of Buffalo Fly control

Implementing a long-term  Buffalo Fly control strategy has many positive economic benefits.